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It is Chickpea’s mission to let everyone taste our authentic Falafel! That’s how we started in Haarlem in 2017 at Kleine Houtstraat, as a street food shop supplying the freshest and tastiest Falafels.

As it is our mission to provide everyone with the best Falafel and the demand from restaurants, food trucks/festivals and other parties grew to produce Falafel for them, we decided to change course. From 2023 Chickpea Falafel focuses only on production B2B.

Chickpea makes its Falafel on a daily basis, with only the best and freshest ingredients. No conservatives, colourings, aromas or flavourings. Our Falafel is gluten free and vegan! This is how we provide the most amazing Falafel!

So, join the Chickpea Movement and let everyone taste the best Falafel! Want to try yourself? Ask us for a sample package.

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